Photographs by Tom Drury





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  1. driftless #
    July 10, 2007

    I was walking on Robertson looking for something to photograph when I found this grove of amazing trees on a side street. I’m not sure what kind of trees they are, probably something common I don’t know the name of . . . if you read this and know, leave a message.

  2. jvs #
    March 20, 2009

    This rather poetic image reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s “The Lawrence Tree.” Here’s what she said about that painting: “There was a long weathered carpenter’s bench under the tall tree in front of the little old house that Lawrence had lived in there. I often lay on that bench looking up into the tree — past the trunk and up into the branches.”

    My guess is that this particular tree is a eucalyptus, but it’s a guess.

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