Photographs by Tom Drury




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  1. July 8, 2008

    It is fantastic that places like this still exist. Seems like the perfect setting for a Hitchcock-style film.

  2. Anonymous #
    July 9, 2008

    In fact there was a crime here, sort of: I saw this motel, pulled over, and took some pictures, then decided to walk up the street with the camera. Not wanting to a) bring the tripod or b) take the time to retract the legs and put it away, I left it lying, unobtrusively I thought, in the grass by my car (across the sidewalk from the lattice between the rock columns above). That sounds dumb, I know, and was dumb, but it was an old tripod with worn out segment clamps and cost about $30 to begin with, so it’s not like I was putting a lot at risk. Also, I thought I was only going up the block, but ended up walking for a mile or two, east on Colorado, south on Rosemead. Anyway, when I came back . . . the tripod was gone! To where I do not know. A pawn shop would be unwise to give more than $1.50 for it. Maybe the taker is using it to take pictures, and I hope that’s the case. Just be aware that the segment clamps are not reliable, so the legs are likely to get incrementally and unpredictably shorter when asked to support, say, the weight of a camera.

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